Scarlett - Contemporary Art Portrait

Scarlett - Contemporary Art Portrait
Scarlett - Art Print
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  Artist - Joseph McSween
  Store name2H JosephMcSween

  An edgy, cool, alluring, contemporary art portrait of a beautiful, attractive, strong yet vulnerable, teen girl, with black medium-length stylishly cut hair, and pink lipstick, looking sideways towards you, the audience, dressed in what appears to be a typical Japanese school uniform - a white shirt, black skirt, with a black belt.
  A portrait of an urban girl, with a slight edge to it - whether its in the girl's looks, her attitude, her sense of style, the way she is carrying herself, or the bland background and the subdued colors used in the painting.

  A striking painting by the Seattle, Washington based artist Joseph McSween a.k.a. 2H. A cool, edgy, alluring, contemporary art for your home, living room, den, dorm room.
  You may even get the art print framed when ordering. Makes a great gift for friends and family.

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